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Search to Find a Doctor anywhere in the world based on the procedure you need. Why have the best doctor in the US when you can have the best doctor in the world and save 70% on the cost?

Evaluate Doctors contact them and schedule your appointment. Our goal is to present you with access to the best doctors in the world, which is why we are always looking for the best physicians, latest technology centers and highest-quality patient care.

You can spend hours, days or weeks searching on the internet, but at Travani we have done the research for you to save both time and money.
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Doctor Reviews and Ratings

Reviews & Star Ratings

As our customers travel abroad for treatment they will have experiences with airlines, hotels, clinics and hospital staff. They will see firsthand how clean a facility is, whose staff best speaks English or your own language, and the true level of technology in use.

We will actively call our customers to request reviews and rate the quality of care they receive. These reviews will be verified so that you're not reading only glowing reviews paid for by clinics. These reviews and ratings will feed our star rating system and enhance the Travani site experience.
Read Travani verified reviews that you can trust!

Book Travel with Travani

Book Your Travel

Travani provides a self-service booking solution online with additional features to support medical travelers. You get 24/7 customer support while on the road through our toll-free number 1-877 Med-Trav. Last-minute travel changes are handled for you with agent help, and gate-to-gate transfers in the airport are available as well.

We have uncluttered the information and shortened the booking process. You have access to the lowest prices available on the internet as we work with our partners to present you with the best deals, saving you time and money! is your one-stop shop for medical travel!

Secure Payment Options

Payment Options

We understand the difficulties with making payments to doctors abroad -- the fear and risk of carrying large amounts of money across borders, maximum debit card spending limits per day, payment plans on your credit cards, and personal checks with high international use fees.

We have worked out unique TRAVANI ONLY solutions with the world's largest money transfer and credit card companies to provide you with products to keep your money safe and secure while simplifying payments.

  • No Credit Checks.
  • No Transaction Fees.
  • Low or No Exchange Fees.

COMING SOON! Free RFID card shield with our Prepaid Visa!