Why Should Your Clinic Join Travani?

Travani provides a facilitated platform that supports both doctors and patients.  We have created a set of tools and services to enhance your clinic, help you generate more money and save money as well. We spoke with clinics around the world and heard you clearly.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Travani places your information in our system and customers complete a search.  We return a list of doctors that meet their specific needs ordered by star rating. They can then compare and contact the doctors they want to research. The patient then schedules with you and you let us know the date and time. We send the patient an itinerary along with any pre-surgery documents you might want sent. We provide them a travel booking solution and then their full itinerary, travel plus medical, can be accessed via their phone. We point them to loan options and then payment solutions that make sure you get paid in full up front, every time.


More Patients = More Revenue!

Promote your clinic on Travani.com in the following ways:
  • FREE! Make sure your profile is up to date. When people click on your profile, make sure your information is aqurate and price competitive.
  • FREE! Work with your Travani sales rep to make sure the content on your profile and site expands your exposure to customers in search engines online. (SEO-Search Engine Optimization)
  • FREE! Make sure your services are positively reviewed by patients to get a high star rating that pushes you to the top of the search results list.
  • GROW! Work with us to choose a subscription on our site that gives you the most exposure to our visitors. This includes targeted ad placement, sales packages including treatments, hotel, travel, and promotion of your products due to engaging reviews.

Get Paid in Full Every Time!

Travani offers 3 payment options for patients that help you get paid.
  • Our payment solutions save clinics on banking and exchange fees resulting in, on average, up to 5% of revenue per year.
  • Reduce fraud and save up to 30% on your lost revenue by encouraging your patients to use our products.You get paid in full prior to treatment.
  • No longer risk taking personal checks or setting up payment plans on credit or debit cards that have limits or get cancelled.
  • Save on resource costs for setting up and managing payment activities.
  • We list loan options for patients on our site to make it easier for them to research and contact them.

Improve Doctor/Patient Communications

We understand that there can be communication challenges with your patients. We also know that their medical background is usually a mystery. Travani has stepped up to help you overcome them.

Translation Service Our translation partner can expand your ability to communicate directly without hiring internal resources for every patient you come into contact with. We know that you want to treat your patients like a valued customer rather than just another patient. This is a real value add to your business so we have partnered with a company to provide you with instant translation services when and where you need them.
  • On the phone
  • At reception
  • In the exam room

Connect With Travani Telemedicine (Coming Soon!) Travani understands the importance of understanding a patients medical situation thourougly before treating them. Currently patients either bring no records or limited information with them when they come visit you. You rarely if ever have access to their home healthcare team to ask questions about potential complications that could arise. We believe with can help you fill in the holes in information with our telemedicine solution.

  • The patient feels more comfortable with the process reducing the fear of going out of the country.
  • The home doctor can provide added support and background on the patient including medical records.
  • Increased quality and support.
  • Follow up after they return home is built into the process.
  • You can build a relationship with their doctor who can potentially refer you to other patients.