Finding Quality Across The Border
In 2014 Dean Barnhart's wife went in to the dentist for a deep cleaning. Her dentist explained to her that she had aggressive early onset of periodontal disease and needed to have all of her teeth removed and suggested implants. If this was not enough of a shock, the couple went to the recommended specialist in Bellevue, WA and where told that it would cost $85,000. Dean asked how people usually pay for something like this and the specialist smiled and said, "I am sure you can take out a second mortgage or money out of your 401k". They left and as Dean complained to his co-workers, many suggested he go out of the country. His immediate response was, "What are you kidding? No, way am I going to ask my wife to do something that unsafe!"

As he checked other dentists in the area and money options, he decided to look at going abroad. He spent approximately 6 weeks researching "Medical Tourism" including; what was available, contacting dentists abroad, trying to find reviews or identify the quality of service, comparing costs including travel, understanding their payment options, if their insurance (Delta Dental) would be accepted and if they could get loans. He spent hours each day on the computer and the phone. He evaluated travel companies and referral companies and found them to biased, in complete control of the decision of whom to choose and in the case of travel, high fees for booking.

What Dean found was that there are hotspots around the world for all types of medical treatments from dental and knee surgery to cancer. The clinics and hospitals are some of the best in the world, with the best doctors and the latest advances coming out of them. Their quality, technology, success rates and patient care either rival or in many cases surpass the medicine in the United States. And on top of that, the cost including travel is a fraction of what it is here at home.

In the Barnharts case, they went to Los Algodones, Mexico for the dental implants. The quality of the clinic services, technology and care surpassed what they had experienced in Bellevue, Washington. The clinic treated Dean's wife like a valued customer, not like a patient. They made sure every bit of the procedure was clear before they began. The medications she was given for pain and swelling, drugs not approved in the U.S., took away all the pain during and after the surgery. The material used for the teeth are the latest and highest quality available and are not yet available in the U.S. The total cost was $18,000 including travel and then insurance paid $3000 bringing down the cost to $15,000. That is an 82% cost savings.

After such a great experience with the clinic and such a lousy experience finding them and getting information about all his options, he decided that something needed to be done for all Americans and Travani was born. His goal is to help people quickly and easily find the information they need about an affordable option most people don't know exists. Knowledge and hearing others experiences help most people overcome the fear of traveling abroad. Dean and his team have created a site to research information, find safe and quality providers, the ability to compare and contact clinics with tools for payment and booking travel, all in one place.

TRAVANI.COM - Why have the best doctor in the U.S. when you can have the best in the world!


Travani.com was founded in 2014. We spent a year completing research to understand the needs of the Medical Tourism community, both patients and clinics. We conducted research on medical needs, interviewed patients, clinic administrators, doctors and observed clinics and patient interactions. WE LISTENED and Travani.com's services are based on everything that you asked for.

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Goal - Help Patients Find Safe, High Quality, Affordable Healthcare
We recognize that you might be desperate to get help because you are dealing with pain every day or your situation is life threatening. Maybe it is elective surgery that you need but just have not been able to afford in the U.S. Our goal is to help you find affordable healthcare that is safe, high quality and at a price that won't break your savings account.

Travani's mission is to assist people in need of medical

Goal - Reduce Patient Fear Of Traveling Abroad For Healthcare
We understand the fear of traveling abroad if you have never done that before. Our goal is to take out the guess work of what you might experience so you understand before you get there. We believe that once you travel, you might just like it enough to book additional vacations through us.


Dean Barnhart

CEO & Visionary

Dean is an accomplished visionary with over 20 years experience in healthcare and travel enterprise internet application design. He has successfully owned and exited from 3 startup businesses. Dean and his wife are recent medical tourists bringing a real life perspective to this endeavor.

Tom Savola

VP Development

Tom is a 20+ year veteran of the dot.com wars, the author of "Using HTML" and a 10 year development and digital marketing director. He brings extensive application structure and development knowledge and experience to Travani.